Sunday, November 25, 2007

We've still got to mix the sound for the new material, and do some colour correction for some earlier bits. But one marathon editing session later, it looks like we're done. The picture's running time will probably be just around seventy-seven minutes. While our "magic number" was eighty, and while the previous cut of the film was eighty minutes long before these reshoots, we feel that the cuts we've made and the new material we've added makes for an all-around better film. It's better to have seventy-seven minutes that "work" than to add three that don't.

As we said above, we've still got some finnessing to do, but we're very proud of the film and very glad to be nearing completion.
First editing hiccough; it turns out we forgot to shoot a fairly crucial line in a section where every line (quite literally) counts. We think we might have a way to save it that won't necessitate messy reshooting, but it will result in a "Who Shot Niceguy Eddie?" sort of error.
Editing of the finale has begun. We've just finished logging the 47 clips that we need to put this thing together.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Half-way through. So far so good.
Actors should start arriving in the next ten minutes.
Today's the big day. After about three months of basically sitting on our hands, we're going to reshoot the ending and finish the blasted thing.

It's not that we aren't still enamoured with the film. It's a good movie, and it'll be even better when we're done. But we shot for less than two months. Three months of waiting for one more day of shooting boggles the mind. The frustration grows over the course of each day, building until it's some variety of not-particularly-cuddly primate on our back.

So, while we're still very enthusiastic about the project, we'll be very glad to have it finished just the same.