Sunday, July 1, 2007

First shoot today, and things went wonderfully!

We shot from approximately 2:15-8:00, using about two hours of video (that's one-and-a-third tapes) and shooting nine pages-- about seven percent of the total script. But that's just the numbers.

What's important are the performances-- and our actors delivered. The scenes we shot today ran the gamut from sexy to painful to bizarre to silly. In each scene, the actors were game, often finding new-- exciting-- and entertaining-- ways to bring George and Sarah to life.

We didn't do too shabbily, either-- each scene had a distinct-- but beautiful look, we found a great many camera angles, as well as telling details (the curling of her toes, the way he sets a glass of milk on a nightstand) to ground the scene in a sort of mundane beauty.

It felt really good to be shooting again-- though we could have done without the heat. Over the course of six hours, we all pretty much boiled under 500+ watts of halogen goodness. But one look at the footage and the performances, and we knew it was worth it.

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